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About Us

LorinaYou may ask yourself (if you really have too much time to think about such things) how Cheese-N-Rice started. Well, it started like many other great things in this land of ours... out of sheer boredom. My husband, Fritz, and I were tired of wasting too much time sitting at our computers, so we decided to start a project that would actually give us something to do while sitting in front of our computers. Of course, now we actually have to have the damn machines turned on.

I've always been artistic. My high school physics notebook is proof of that. There's nothing in there about gravity, relativity, and other physicsy stuff, but it was chock full of doodles and caricatures of my teacher. He wasn't too impressed. Neither was my mother when I got my report card. So naturally, when it was time for college, I didn't get that physics scholarship, and majored in art instead.

But that's neither here nor there. Cheese-N-Rice started because we always had the most surreal things happen to and around us. The characters are mostly based on aspects of our own personalities. Ok. Maybe some of them are based on some of the strange people we've met along the way, too. But if you think I'm making fun of YOU in one of my strips... C'mon. Don't flatter yourself. I don't even know who you are.

What about that name, Cheese-N-Rice? Well, that's a funny story unto itself.

My husband used to work with the most religious man this side of the Pope. He was a good guy, just a little... creepy about it, in a Jonestown kind of way. Rather than sound like a foul-mouthed infidel, Fritz would self-censor himself when around the Pious Man. He'd say things like "Oh, Sugar!" and "Fudgecicle!" Rather than "take the Lord's name in vain," he substituted "Cheese And Rice" for the exclamation "Jesus Christ."

All was good, until someone spilled the beans. Another coworkers tipped off the religious fella on just what was meant by "cheese and rice." Then Fritz was informed that he was no longer allowed to use the phrase at work. We had every intention, but no opportunity, to bring a nice big bowl of cheese and rice to the next company picnic. Besides, I doubt they would have gotten the joke anyway.



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